Holiday Gifts for Parents!

 I always make a few things with the kiddo's during December for them to give to their parents! We made these simple ornaments this week.  I got these in a pack of 10 for 2 bucks last winter after Christmas on a super clearance sale from Michaels.  We will tie these to the outside of the gifts! They are making hot coco packs this year :)


Christmas Tree Craft!

Take a look at these simple tree crafts we made!!!!

We made these cute trees in work centers the other day.  I handed all the pieces to each kiddo and they had to arrange them smallest to biggest.  What a great way to work on math, fine motors, color recognition and monthly vocabulary! Wohoo! 


Monday Motivator



Letter Peg Activities!

Letter Peg boards... they are as simple as they come.  I feel like EVERY special ed class needs a set of these.  These are a great way to supplement worksheets, flash card fluency and letter recognition.  Let's face it, when we are working on letter identification we need as many different modes of practice as possible.  Thats why I love these... Letter Peg Boards!


Counting Cakes Math Game

I get a lot of questions about different games I buy for my kids.  I decided to share with you one of my favorite games I bought on share form Lakeshore! This counting cakes game is perfect for differentiating math activities for my class!

Snowman Name Craft!

Check out this SUPER SIMPLE snow man craft my kiddo's did last week! And how cute are they on our bulletin board? I'm in love :) Yet, another pinterest inspiration!


Monday Motivator

Heck ya.....


Polar Express Freebie!

In the christmas spirit, I wanted to give you guys a freebie! My kiddo's did this thinking map activity yesterday and LOVED it :)  I used this to supplement my Polar Express Unit.



Flash Sale Today! My Peek-A-Boo Where is the Santa Adapted book is only $1.00 Today only! Grab it to read with your kiddo's.  This book addresses prepositions in a fun way that incorporates Santa!
Grab it HERE.


Organizing Monthly Crafts

How do you organize crafts?  This year, I have a class of "non-cutters" meaning tasks need a lot of preparation in order for my students to complete them independently.  Some of my co-workers have commented on how organized I am with craft/art time so wanted to share with you how I prepare!

First, I find a few crafts online that I like and print out the pictures. I then set it out for my FABULOUS aides that love to do crafty things. I am truly blessed with some crafty ladies ;)

My aides have enough experience with my kids to know just how much preparation needs to be done vs. how much the kids can do.  I usually cut out all pieces and have them organized and ready to go.  

Here are a few examples, Pictures of the completed crafts will be posted as we finish them!

Pattern Candy cane craft. 
 Big to Small Christmas Tree
Spell Your Name Snowman Craft

When I have the supplies ready for the craft I stick it in a manilla envelope so the pieces do not get lost. I also use pencil and write on the outside the needed supplies.  For example, I would write christmas tree craft: glue sticks and pencil.  This way, I can quickly set up for art time.

I do confess, I have bunches of things pinned to my pinterest boards months in advance.  Then, when I have a day with four kids out sick and I can spare an aide, I have them make several crafts.  I can sometimes have crafts prepared 3 months in advance!  I love it.... over-prepared! :)


Twisty Noodle Free Worksheets!

I can't believe I have not shared one of my favorite websites with you guys yet! This website is ABSOLUTELY great for handwriting worksheets.  I LOVE it and it's free :)


Cyber Monday!!!!

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It's the cheapest you can get my products all year long.  

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December Pinterest

It's no secret, I love Pinterest.  Pinterest is where I find half of my crafts for my classroom.  I love it, and I look for it for inspiration.  Here is my December Pinterest board so far.

Be sure to follow, as I "pin" new idea's to it daily!


Happy Thanksgiving!


The Polar Express Book of the Month

My ALL TIME favorite holiday children's story is The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg.  It's a classic story that has such a sweet message.  I read this story to my class every year, but often times it is a bit tough for them to comprehend.  I created this bundle to help my children understand the story better and to have interactive activities to create. 

 Here is my Polar Express- Book of the Month Bundle!

December Vocabulary Bundle!

Oh my goodness, I didn't realize how soon December was coming! With Thanksgiving so late this year, it threw me off! Needless to say, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite December activities I will be doing this year.

Here is my

Monday Motivator!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving... I'm thankful for my job.  
I'm thankful my nine angels that were sent to me as students.
I'm thankful for my family who love me no matter what.
I'm thankful for my friends who support me through everything.
I'm thankful for my fiancé.... my better half.


Integrating communication outside of a "PEC's" Book

I SPY A communication icon somewhere in this corner of my room! Can you see it?

Look, on my brown cupboard, velcro'd to the outside of the door! Ahhh HA. You see it?  That is where I have placed a picture symbolizing books for one of my students.

Gobble Gobble! Turkey Craft

Here is another GREAT Pinterest OT craft my kiddo's did! I love OT because these always turn out SO cute to send home.  Here is a simple turkey craft my kiddo's were able to do on their own :)


Monday Motivator (A tear jerker...)

Today's Monday Motivator reminds us of the good in the world.  I'm sure you've heard about BATKID!

The Make A Wish foundation really outdid it self.  This organization brought together thousands of people to make the dream of a little boy come true :)

Happy Monday!


Starter PEC's Book- Real Pictures!

I got called in to help set up a PEC's communication book for a little kindergartener next door . This girl is a CUTIE that was so much fun to work with.  She is non-verbal and profoundly deaf, so getting this set up was IMPERATIVE.  

Due to some of her health disabilities, she has limited hand control and sign language is not the best option for her.  I spent the day with her and interviewed parents and staff to determine her favorite things.  I chose to set up this PEC's book using only highly preferred items to start.  She is g-tube fed and can not be motivated by food, so I chose her favorite toys/activities to start with!

I am using a small 3 ring binder and real life images to start.  At this time, she is hand over hand dependent, but like I always say, it's NEW to her.  She will learn :) I made the PEC's larger than my standard PEC's due to her vision impairment.  Here are some pictures of the PEC's I set up to start.

(potato head, indoor swing)

(slide, walk)

(Lego's, apple toy)


(finished, more)

We spent all day with her showing her how to communicate using PEC's.  

How to implement PEC's for beginners: (The room 83 way)
-Give student a choice by placing two toys in front of him/her.
-When he/she grabs one toy, find that PEC, and place it on the binder in front of the student.
-Position the PEC's book in between the communicating student and the communicating staff member.
-Place a second staff member behind the communicating student to prompt the student when needed.
-Wait for the child to reach for the toy and have the prompting staff member physically prompt the student to grab the PEC, and hand it to the communicating staff.
-The communicating staff member will say, "Blocks" and hold up the PEC while handing the child the matching toy.
-Allow the child to play for a minute or two, and start again by taking the toy away and saying something along the lines of "my turn."
-Wait for the child to reach for the toy, and repeat the steps to requesting the toy through a PEC

This system can be used for toys, activities, snacks and much more.  The key to teaching PEC's communication is using two staff members in the beginning.  By using two staff members, the communicating staff member is able to focus on the two way communication.  The second staff member behind the child is able to prompt the student with out having to communicate with the student.  The makes it much easier for the student and does not confuse the student.


Organizing Work Center Materials

Organization is key to a smooth day.  No matter what the supplies are, they must be easy to access and ready to go in a moment.  I wanted to show you two organization strategies I use to make for quick last minute activities for those unplanned unexpected moments when your "planned" lesson plans fall through!

Fall Leaves Craft!


Nova Chat Communication Device

I am SUPER pumped to share with you two video's about the Nova Chat 10.


Happy Veterans Day!!!

Happy Veteran's Day! I'm having a SALE to celebrate :)


A little trick for our difficult ones!

Do you have any kiddo's that get upset and push their desks over? I do! I have one little guy that can sometimes get frustrated and push his desk forward so that it flips over. I did not want to have to re-arrange the desks into groups, so I racked my mind  to try to decide a way to keep my u-shape arrangement.  And then it hit me! Add another desk in front of his!

Adapted Writing Practice!

Here is an example of how I adapt our daily journal!  I have this set up ahead of time in my student's writing folder.  The student knows to take out their paper and copy the picture at the top.  You can see we are working on stick figures with details along with a baseball (his favorite sport!)

Underneath, I write 3 sentences, each ranging from 3-4 words.  At this time, this student needs highlighted lines to act as visuals for each word.  WIthout these accommodations, he will write floating letters and mix up the words!

I don't know what you think, but I think he did a VERY good job on this assignment :) (No prompting!)