Greeting Visuals

I like to start our day with music and greetings.  Because I teach the upper elementary class, I like to do age appropriate activities.  By combining the traditional primary grades "circle time" with my student's cognitive abilities I have created my very own routine: "Morning Meeting!"

After we start the day with a good morning song, each student is called to the front of the room to check in and say good morning to the class.  Student's find their name and place it by their picture.  Student's then choose a greeting they would like to give to me each day.  They can choose between hug, high-five, shake hands or wave.  I have visual supports in the front of the room under the whiteboard to provide choices for my students.  Each student says good morning to the class by either communicating with their AAC Device, a big Mac button, PECS or by talking.

Grab this freebie on my TPT site!  This is a great addition to any classroom.


  1. So glad to have found you. I have a linky going for autism awareness on my blog and would love for you to link up this post or others that you think would be useful. I'm always happy to find someone describing a functional and meaningful morning meeting that is age-appropriate. Thanks.

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  2. I would love to link up. Thanks for finding my blog. I am glad that you like my blog. I am your newest follower :)

  3. Melissa,

    What is your good morning song? I am trying to find one. Do you use interactive boards for your morning meeting now?

  4. I'm also interested to know what your morning song is? Thanks!

  5. I went to your TPT site and it shows that the greeting signs you are saying are a freebie is now $2.00. ??