My Home Away From Home!

I spend more time in my classroom then I do my own home.  Between my neurotic tendencies and my dedicated staff, we have created a vibrant, cheery and an obsessively organized classroom!  Here are some pictures of Room 83!

View when you first walk into Room 83!

Sensory Corner/ Break Area
(My kiddo's favorite area!)

Red Table
(More to come about my tables/work center system)

Yellow Table/Technology Center

Blue Table
(Interactive Bulletin Boards)

View of the Front of the Room
(From Left to Right: Jobs Bulletin Board, Daily Schedule, Calendar, Monthly Vocabulary)

Student Cubbies and Mailboxes

View of the Front of the Room
(Under the Whiteboard: Morning Meeting Materials)

View from my Desk

View from the Blue Table

View from the Sensory Corner

View of Task Box Center
(MUCH MUCH more to come later!)

There will me MANY more posts to come to share with you all of my schedules, routines and programs I have implemented in Room 83!  I am so excited to share with you how I have set up my classroom!


  1. I love how colorful and stimulating your classroom is- a great environment for your kiddos!

  2. Awesome!! Thank you for sharing!! I would like to see more up close photos of your bulletin boards - they look great!!

  3. Where did you get the swing frame?