Are You My Mother?

One of my favorite stories to read with my class is Are You My Mother? by P. D. Eastman.  It's a cute story that allows for easy sequencing practice.  

My class read this story today and practiced identifying all of the animals in the story.  We then sequenced them in order to make for a wonderful flow map!  I found this free printable online and printed it in grayscale.  I had my student's color each picture before cutting out the characters.  Once all of the characters were cut, they sequenced the characters in the order that they appeared in the story.

I modeled for my students each page of the story.  For my higher student's they were able to sequence on my own while my lower student's matched the picture from the story to the picture in front of them on their desk.  Either way, all students were engaged and learning while being exposed to the academic vocabulary!

Finished "Flow Map"

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