Lining Up!

If you think about it, how many times do you ask your class to line up.  Several times a day I find myself lining my students up before we head out the door.  I hate chaos and confusion, so I have created a system to lining up that dismisses all confusion.  My staff is great in assisting.

Before lining up, all of my students return to their desks to get excused.  The weekly line leader is always excused first.  I start by instructing the line leader to check their schedule.  From their schedule the student will find their spot by the door.  After the line leader is ready, I instruct students one by one to check their schedule to line up.  I used bright and colorful duck tape to provide visual spots on the carpet.  Each student must stand on a spot and be ready before I open the door and excuse the class.  By using this systematic routine to line up, it eases the transition and minimizes behaviors.  Who knew, duck tape could be such a big life saver? 

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