My life saver this week...

So as we all know, some of our kiddo's like to start new behaviors.  This week, I have a whole NEW kid.  I am convinced its puberty (5th grade boy).  This student is obsessed with fans and air conditioner units.  He will get lost in the sound and begin to stem.  I try to prevent this at all costs, but this week I caved.

I used one of the working cards from my Positive Reinforcement Card Pack on TPT, and let him work for the fan.  At first I had to reward him every 3 minutes, but by today we were up to 20 minute increments.  This card saved my life this week!  While this is still a temporary fix, it is managing the tantrums so that all of my students are safe.  I am still working to figure out the sudden  change in behaviors, but at least for today we are managing the behaviors.  

Check out my product on Teachers Pay Teachers and offer any feedback on how I could revise this to make it more effective :)


  1. Sometimes you just have to use their interests, and that seemed like a good time. I also have an autistic student obsessed with fans.We have used this interest twice. Once for social situations. He bothers many of our other students and we went out and purchased a small clip-on fan he could have for the last 5 minutes of class if he followed instructions and kept his hands and words to himself. Totally different kid. The second time was for a science fair project. He was supposed to do a plant project but it was like pulling teeth and he kept forgetting his plants. Finally I told him it as too late to do a plant project and probably too late for any project. He asked if he could do one on fans and I said only if he could do it on one day. And he did. The kid who could only write 3-4 sentences on any topic wrote 2 full pages of research off the top of his head and had the whole thing planned and done in 2 days. So now, if a kid has an obsessive interest, I try to think of ways I can use this to my advantage, and ultimately the kid's as well. Thanks for reiterating this for me!

    1. We have to do whats best for our kids... even if it is motivating them with what interests them! Do you do task boxes in your class? I have a little fan with screws and screwdrivers that is simple to put together and take a part. What I do is take the pieces a part and place it in a task box for him. He is so mechanical and LOVES putting it together. ITs a puzzle of his favorite thing in the world. Try it out one day :)

  2. Knowing their interests is key! In order to help a little boy sit through breakfast (instead of running around with food in his mouth) we give him plastic letters which he could only have if he was sitting while eating. We also used the song "Go Thomas Go" from the cartoon Thomas to help him get through other situations, like going to the bathroom or washing his hands. Making a piggy back song is very easy and the children really get into it!!