Organizing Materials

I am very fortunate to have 5 aides in my class! They are miraculous and help me tremendously.  With so many adults in my classroom, I have everything clearly labeled so everything stays where it belongs.  You know me... I am neurotic about my classroom! If things get misplaced I lose my mind! The funny thing is that my aides use to make fun of me for it, but NOW they are the same way.  If something is missing we all joke around trying to find the culprit :)

In one of my file cabinets in the front, I have the drawers clearly labeled.  I keep all of my calendar materials, including my student Interactive Calendar Books, in the top drawer for easy access.  In the second drawer are all of my listening center books/tapes/cd's.  In the bottom drawers I keep my monthly books and file folder activities in order so they are easy pulled out for each month!

How do you organize your materials?


  1. I'm trying to put all of my work in binders. I have a lot of drawers and counters but very little shelving and zero filing cabinets. It used to be an old science room. Currently most of it is a mess but slowly its getting more organized.

    1. Oh Goodness! That sounds tough with no cabinets. I feel lucky now :)