Student Cubbies

I am SOOO lucky! I have lockers in my classroom.  These are great because my student's are able to open their lockers and put their things away on their own.  In the morning, student's open their backpacks and put their homework folders in their mailboxes.  They also take their lunch/snacks out and put them in the snack basket (this makes it easy at lunch time, I just have my Teacher Helper carry the basket to the cafeteria and it saves SOOO much time) and put their backpack away in their locker.  

Throughout the day, student's put their sweaters and jackets in their locker so it is easy at the end of the day to get ready for the bus!  For my students with individual needs, such as health supplies/diapers/wipes, I keep their belongings in their locker as well!  I am so glad to be lucky to have these lockers.  We are able to stay organized this way and I can promote independence for my students! 

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