A Note From Miss Toth

Communication with my parents is THE most important thing to ensure every child is being provided a fair education.  I am so blessed to have wonderful parents this year that appreciate my staff as well as care so deeply about their child's educational program.  With that being said, I like to make sure I do my best to communicate with parents on my end.  Our days are filled with craziness, and many times I need to write a quick note home to parents.  For example... Diego spilled his juice during lunch, his dirty clothes are in his backpack.  I got so tired looking for scratch paper and writing full letters that I created a ready to go cute letter home!

I keep these by the student mail boxes so they are easy to grab.  It is also easy for me to ask one of my teacher's assistant to write a quick note when I do not have enough time myself.

On the front side of my note, I already have it signed Miss Toth and staff.  This saves time when I am in a hurry, all I have to do is write a quick message.  It also says "Please sign and date the back."

On the back it has a line for signature and date.  This is great for me to keep easy documentation.  I just stick the signed notes in the the student's file!  I am also sure to leave a space for comments in case the parents need to communicate back with me.

These cute notes to home have been a life saver this year.  I wish I had thought of them sooner!  These are available in my TpT store for sale for $1.00.

As a teacher, I try to make sure I send a note home once a week per child with a positive comment.  It's easy to forget to tell mom that a student participated during APE very well, or another student was a good helper all day, or our buddies came and worked with our class today and their child was a great role model.  Every parent wants to hear their child is doing well :)

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