Friday is art day! Here are two cute art projects we did this week.  We have been talking about bugs this month, and my student's had a blast with these two projects!  We made paper plate lady bugs and toilet paper roll bee's!

Student's always have a blast painting.  To start, students painted their paper plate red during recess.  They let the plate dry and then we added the pieces.  With projects like these, I like to put a sample in the front of the class and provide the students with all the needed pieces.  I then treat it as a puzzle.  Student's must show me where the pieces go to match mine.  This is great critical thinking for my students and they have a blast doing it.  By doing it this way, they all turn out a little different, and this makes my bulletin boards SO much cuter!

My staff and I collected toilet paper rolls from home and turned them into these cute bumble bee's! Similar to the project above, I treated this as a puzzle project.  This project ended up being pretty difficult for my students to do on their own.  Maneuvering the pieces on a round tube was hard, so it ended up being a 1:1 project! OH WELL.. I learned from my mistakes :) It was still fun and they turned out cute!

What kind of insect projects have you done with your kiddo's?

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