Velcro.. Velcro... Velcro!

Velcro is everywhere in my classroom.  It is an absolute necessity in my classroom.  I use it for absolutely everything! I have learned a few tricks about velcro!

1.  Designate one pair of scissors for velcro.  The sticky back always turns your scissors sticky.  This will make it hard to cut paper.  I labeled my scissors VELCRO so I wouldn't forget.  This has saved me from going through a lot of scissors!

2.  Do not cut your velcro per project. I use to count 8 spots for a file folder and then cut only 8 of each! This was so much more time consuming. Now what I do, is I cut a WHOLE box of velcro at once.  While sitting and watching TV I can whip through a whole box pretty quickly.  This is so much more time efficient this way.

3.  Sort the rough and soft sides of velcro into two different containers.  I use a mini 2 drawer containter I got from staples.  It makes it so easy to quickly add velcro to any PEC or project or book!

Velcro can be a pain!  I refuse to pay for the velcro coins.. they are so expensive.  So I am still cutting my own velcro... do you have any advice/tricks to save time when using velcro?!?


  1. I love the idea of cutting all the Velcro at once. The designated scissors are a must because Velcro dulls them. You probably know but in case someone doesn't, you can clean the goo off scissors with nail polish remover. Goo gone works too. I love the separating of soft and hard. I have also found it best to standardize whether the rough side goes on the visual or the surface. There are pros and cons for each but keeping it consistent means you don't find yourself with a visual that wont stick. Great post!
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    1. Great info about the nail polish remover. I never knew that.. I tried the goo gone.. and it would kinda work. I'm going to try it tonight on my velcro scissors. In my classroom, I ALWAYS use the soft velcro for the PECS in my classroom, or the pieces to games and such. THe rough velcro is for the strips or game boards. This remains consistent for everything in my room, so that if I choose to grab a toy pec from my token board and put it onto a communication board... it will stick! That's important... I should have included that into my post. Thanks Chris!

  2. What a coincidence! Since I am putting together a brand new Autism program and am immersed in trying to find these materials, I was actually thinking of doing a post on this same topic as well as some of the other materials (card stock, laminate and laminator materials, color ink, book binder, etc.) used consistently in a Special Ed. As for Velcro, I have found the best deal at this website: but if you have any other places where the prices are reasonable, please share! Thanks!

  3. I actually do my Velcro the opposite. Scratchy always goes on the moveable piece. I then use stiffened felt to hold the loose cards - just when the task is undone and waiting for a student to do it.

    My favorite tip. Cooking spay! Spray your scissors before cutting and the goop doesn't build up. Spray each time when starting a cutting project and any time it starts to stick if you are doing a lot of cutting. I keep a thing of fake Pam next to the Velcro and scissors just for this. (Careful on tile floor it does make it slippery!)

  4. Another suggestion for cutting Velcro--it cuts AWESOME with a rotary cutter and mat such as quilters use (a heavy poly cutting board from the kitchen store works great too, AND you can use that on your lap if your are doing mountains of cards in front of the telly. Ask how I know this to be true). The easiest way is to peel off the backing and stick it down to the cutting surface. Then it doesn't slip while you are cutting AND you don't stab under your fingernails trying to peel off little squares of backing. This makes the cutting SO fast!

    Several Christmases we have given cutters and small mats as gifts to our daughter's special ed teacher or SLP and they were gratefully received and well used. It's a great use for those JoAnn's 40% off coupons!

  5. Oh, and one more thing I forgot. The Velcro will still peel off the cutting mat for quite some time (ie: weeks), but it might not want to sit there indefinitely or it might adhere more permanently than you planned. :0)

  6. I cut my velcro with non-stick scissors made by Westcor. They are the best thing ever! The adhesive from the velcro does not stick to the scissors, so no more cleaning adhesive off of scissors! The blades of the scissors are specially coated with a non-stick surface. You can buy these at Walmart in the sewing section for about 10 dollars. They also have these at Michaels. Westcor has a video on youtube you can watch. I made over 100 file folder games last summer and I never had to clean the blades of the scissors.

  7. Velcro dots are my new best friend this year! Get them from this website:
    They save me so much time! They are more expensive but so worth it.

  8. I also order my Velcro from Feiner Supply. They are fast and they are about the cheapest I can find. I'd rather order in bulk than buy individual boxes at Walmart. The individual dots are so much easier, but so expensive! The cooking spray is great to spray on before cutting. I will have to try the nail polish remover if ever needed. My kids are so glad they are off at college and no longer have to do these things for me any longer!

  9. You have got got got to get non stick scissors!

    They are amazing! I adore them! No more sticky scissors ever!

  10. Hi could you please advice what adhesive to use to stick velcro to my pecs cards and boards that is long lasting, I cannot afford sticky back kind. I have lots of velcro that is used for stitching, i can use that using an adhesive right?

  11. Go to min order is $50 but prices are very good also 10%discount in schools and free ship on orders over a 150 I have A Tech business and order from there all the time.