What Are You Wearing Today?

I created a mini communication book to help with communication both at home and school.  It can be used in the mornings or during therapy sessions to assist students in building independence.  I have a few student's who have life skill type goals such as getting dressed on their own.  I created this to send home with one of my kiddo's!

Each page provides the PECS to allow the child to make their own decision to promote independence.  Here are the pages to the Communication Book I created:



I made two covers for this product.  I wanted this to be used in both the home and school setting.  I have two cover pages, "What Are You Wearing Today?" and "What Do I Want To Wear Today?"

The last page of this book has actions that are associated with getting dressed :zip, clean, button, tie, snap, dirty and help.
This book can simply be printed, laminated and binded! Like always, after purchase I am happy to provide individualized touches to the product to make it perfect for you :)

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  1. I love love love this idea. A lot of my kiddos are working on self help skills and to have something like this that is in the bathroom for them to access or for them to have in their cubbies for communicating what they need to put on or if they need help. Thanks :-)