What Ever It Takes... Right?

Remember that kiddo I was talking about last week? The kid that is exhausting ever last ounce of energy I have to keep him on track and on task.  Well, he is still heavily motivated by the fan.  We also have a little pinwheel (he calls it windmill) that he likes to play with.  He loves anything that spins.

Well.... He is getting so distracted by wanting his reinforcements that it is getting in the way of his learning.  He has yet to master telling time, so telling him "at the end of the day" is confusing for him.  Of course, he loves clocks too, why? Because they spin!  Today, I came up with an ingenious idea! I drew the clock on the whiteboard, and drew 2:30! He sat all day checking our class clock to see if it matched the clock on the white board! This kept him on task ALLL day! Of course every time it was 30 min after the hour, he got excited! All I had to do was point out the hour hand and he went back to work! BOY OH BOY was he excited at 2:30! Because he was so good I let him have the fan and the pinwheel!

I do love this boy, no matter how exhausting he may be :)

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