What Shape/What Colors Adapted Book!

I work on colors and shapes almost every day with some of my student's.  Some of my student's have mastered identifying the simple shapes.  I wanted to create something that challenged those student's at the next level.  I created an Adapted Book, What Colors and What Shapes? Identifying Shapes and Colors in our Everyday Environment.

This 32 page Adapted Book is a simple easy to use book.  It can be used during small group instruction, whole group discussions or individual independent work time.  Every page of this book has the same format to make it simple for students to use.  This is great for students who have learned their shapes, but have not mastered the skill to transfer it to real life situations.  Here are all the pages of the book!




At the end of the book, I have three review pages.  I have a shapes page, a colors page, and a shapes in our environment page.  These can be used for quick assessment or for review prior to completing the adapted book.

I have included one blank page as well.  I wanted every purchaser to have the opportunity to customize this book with pictures of things from their own classroom environment.  It can be printed and the picture can be glued to the page prior to being laminated!

Print out, laminate and bind! No velcro PECS for this book.  Just use a dry erase marker to have students circle their answers, or have them point to the answers :) Nice and EASY!

As always, once purchased, I am happy to adapt my book for your individual needs! Just email me at theadventuresofroom83@gmail.com

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