Here is a last minute art project I put together... and I have to say it turned out great :)

This project had a ton of OT techniques thrown into one.  Students used a long unwrapped crayon to color the water in the background.  They then had to rip pieces of paper to make a rainbow fish.  They got to pick any two stickers they wanted from my ocean sticker basket.  Lastly, students had to trace (or copy or type) the words "The Ocean" on the bottom of the paper.  

These turned out super cute considering I planned this in the last 5 minutes of my lunch break! I hate to admit last minute planning.. but occasionally I get behind! I have been so busy with IEP progress reports, report cards, graduation promotion planning and our end of the year award ceremony that it left me barely any time to get projects ready!  It is what it is, we all have our days! I'm just happy with the outcome!

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