"I Want to Listen To..."

Do you have music time in your class?  Music is my go-to when we finish something early and I have 5-10 minutes to kill.  Rather than just play music, I turn it into a communication activity.  To do this, I created a music/song book requesting system!

I took a simple three ring binder, and I taped a sentence frame to the outside cover.  "I want to listen to ___ please"

Inside, I just laminated a few sheets of construction paper and attached velcro.  I then created PECS for some of my class' favorite songs.  I then have student's make a choice from the PECS book and place the PEC on the front cover.  They then read/point to the sentence to make the request.

This is a great little book I created.  This has been a life saver when some of my student's ask for a song and I can't figure out which one they are talking about! Without fail, when I pull out the binder they can find exactly what they were talking about :) 

I hope you like my little music binder I shared with you guys!


  1. Wonderful idea!! Thanks. This binder will be great for my nonverbal students.

  2. I love this idea! I will be making one for my students.

  3. How would you incorporate music with older students not as interested in the kids songs? My guy listens to the same classical cd over and over particully certain songs, OCD like. We play it throughout the day as back ground music, but I'd like it to be more meaningful and purposeful, any suggestions?
    Great job by the way, I just found you through the autism helper! -Dara

    1. Hi Dara! I would still use the same system... but maybe write numbers for the track numbers? Is he able to request which songs....Or you could take a picture of the cd and just have him request the cd after each song rather than letting it continually play. Just a few suggestions :)

  4. I've made them for iPad apps too, very helpful!