Magnetic Board!

I found this idea on Pinterest last summer.  I created my own version!!!!

I bought this:

Then, I spray painted with light blue spray paint.

Then, I drilled screws in each corner and drilled it into my classroom wall.  (shhh... don't tell my school!)

I love this.  I use this as an interactive activity.  Students match the magnet letters to the flashcards that are taped on the magentic board.  I also have many other games we play using this.  We do relay races to incorporate movement with the letters, we time how fast a student can do it etc.

There are many uses for this little project.  I change it every month.  Last month I had numbers up!  Prior to that, I had student school pictures taped up.  Student's had to use the magnetic letters to spell their friends names.  

Who else has this in their classroom? How do you use your magnetic board?


  1. Hi! I love this idea! Can you please tell me what type of spray paint you used? I know there are many types and I just wondered which type you used. I don't want it to peel off. Thanks! Oh, and please feel free to email me back, and I'd greatly appreciate any other tips! Rachel

    1. Hi Rachel! I used just standard spray paint... but the kind made for metal. There are diffeernet kinds... plastic.. wood... metal! Be sure to get one for metal surfaces. It is a pretty simple project... I just bought a cheap drip drain, laid it on the grass, spray painted it twice (I wanted it bright!) and let it dry. I then just drilled it to the wall! I bought a cheap drip drain pan, so it drilled right through! feel free to ask any other questions :)