Oh Darn!

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!! I let my student's play with my ipod and ipod dock during free time.  One of my student's changed the language! To japanese! I cannot figure out how to change the settings.  All I can do is laugh right now....

I want to hear some of your favorite stories of things your students have done or gotten into!  Share with me so I know I'm not the only one that gets stuck in these sticky situations...


  1. OK, that really made me laugh out loud!!! When we had laptops available for the students to use, they were always messing with the files and not being very tech savvy, I could never figure out where they went. I would have to get the computer tech to come and put find everything for me!!

    Thanks for stopping by, I am a new follower.

    1. I still have not fixed my iPod! Oh well.. I just have it play randomly LOL! Thanks for visiting :)

  2. My students somehow figure out my passcode on the iPads (even though I change it all the time) and get out of the programs that I try to "lock" them into (with guided access controls) ... thankfully they haven't figured out my apple ID password yet (though they try!) so they can't buy apps LOL

    I had a student one year who would load up a cart full of Baby Einstein videos on Amazon and spend his whole computer time typing in different combinations of numbers in the credit card payment screen ...

    And I had a student fix a computer that ITS had been out to look at three times but couldn't figure out what was wrong (it was giving some weird error code on startup).