1st Day of School Packet- Starting off on the Right Foot with Parents

The first day of school is a big deal for any family.  The morning is hectic full of emotions, pictures and last minute stuffing of the backpack.  Ultimately, parents are trusting us educators to care for their baby for the next 7 hours.  Of course they have a right to be nervous, and of course they deserve to know as much as possible about you and your class routine.  With that being said, I send home an almost obnoxious first day of school packet.  It is a lot of information but I like to send it home for those parents that need that large packet to review.  Most of the information I review in great detail at conferences and back to school night. Here is my "drafted" packet for this fall.  I may do some tweaks.

  • Letter to Parents- Introduction of myself!
  • Getting to Know Your Child (Double Sided page survey for parents to fill out)
  • Family Contact Info (More detailed than what the school provides)
  • Parent Volunteer Survey
  • Homework Policy (Double Sided)
  • Communication Policies
  • Classroom Supplies

(First Day of School Packet Draft)

Of course, EVERY kiddo gets "A Note From Miss Toth" on the first day sharing something great about their first day! Click HERE to learn more about my notes sent home!

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