Back to School Shopping!

All summer I keep my eye out for good deals.  I also hit up the SUPER back to school sales at Target, Staples and Office Depot.  Some deals are just too good to pass up! I wanted to share with you some of the thing's I found so far :) I went shopping with my blogger friend, Kristin, at The Write Combo!

Dollar Bins from Dollar Tree

Ten Cent Folders (Yes I bought the max....40!)

Dollar Recorders from Target.. 1 per kid! (Don't worry I'll label them!)

Dollar Dry Erase Boards from Target (Vertical and Horizontal)

Lots of Puzzles from Target

Wipe-Clean Workbooks....

ABC Writing Work Book

Addition Wipe-Clean Workbook

ABC and 123 Wipe-Clean Workbook

Colors and Counting Board Book

Crazy deals on school supplies! (50 cent crayons, 25 cent glue sticks, 50 cent pencil packs, 2 dollar highlighter packs, dollar expo pens!)

A BUNCH of sensory materials for my new sensory boxes! (Future blog post coming!)

New Table Organizers

Cute Duct Tape to allow for personal space visuals

My favorite of Flashcards

A new lunchbox for ME

New Large Calendar and Birthday Poster


The Back to School Shopping will never end... but this is what I have SO far! What's your favorite thing you found this summer so far?


  1. I'm your newest follower! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award. Should you wish to accept the award, please see my blog for the details.

  2. The future teacher in me wants to go school supply shopping today! But I probably won't have my own classroom for another 3+ years... and I don't think my hubby would appreciate 100 boxes of crayons in the storage unit.

  3. Love your finds! I got that same comfy chair for my safe spot. Love back to school shopping!

  4. Love the ideas! Helps me stay focused when I go out! :)