Furniture Arrangements

Today I finished moving and re-arranging things in my classroom.  It took a full day and a half.  It's exhausting!!!!!!!

Setting up a classroom with special needs is like an intricate puzzle.  "Cutesy" is not a factor... however Functionality IS.  When setting up my room, I consider distractions, runners, transitions and behavior triggers.  Like my post yesterday... simply setting up a Listening Center is a headache because it needs to be out of reach etc...

With that being said.. here is a tour of the furniture in my classroom!!! (Don't mind the mess everywhere... the old bulletin boards etc.!)

(Blue table in the back corner)

(TEACCH Task Box Set-Up)

(Red Table...old bulletin board....)

(Sensory Corner.... Light box, dizzy disc's, bouncy balls, bean bag chairs, swing and comfy chair)

(Green Table... Technology Center!)

(Student desks... in the shape of a "U". This makes it great for whole class activities/lessons)

(Another view of the kiddo desks... facing the white board...where Calendar board and morning meeting board will be!)

Tomorrow, I will share my bulletin boards... interactive and student work boards!


  1. Great set up! I love your sensory corner too!

  2. Love the set up... Looks super functional.


  3. I love following your posts! The room looks amazing! May I ask what that rainbow thing hanging from the wall in your "green table" picture is?

    1. Hi Stacy- Yes that is a wall streamer I got from IKEA for super cheap! I need to hang a new mirror behind it. I have a sensory kiddo that goes crazy sitting in front of it looking at himself in the mirror and playing in the streamers! The streamers are plastic.. so easy to clean :)

  4. Love the swing. Do you have a link to the one you got?