Music List!

I got a request about songs I use in my classroom.. and I loved it! What a great thing to share! I use music in everything I do.  I download most of my music from iTunes and store it on my iPod.  I have an iPod dock in my classroom that is easily assessable to quickly turn on a song.  I have my song's organized into playlists:

Morning Meeting:
Personalized Kids Music- Good Morning
Sue Schnitzer- Good Morning
Kidzup- So Long Now
Hap Palmer- What is Your Name?

The Magic Crayons- Days of the Week
The Wonder Kids- Days of the Week
The Wonder Kids- Months of the Year
Have Fun Teaching- Months of the Year
The Wonder Kids- Seasons
Carole Nicoll- What is the Weather Like

Animal Action
The Boogie Walk
The Bunny Hop
The Chicken Dance
The Freeze
Head, Shoulders, Knee's and Toes
The Hokey Pokey
Listen and Move

Themed CD's
Kimbo- Bean Bag Activities and Coordination CD
Kimbo- Good Morning Exercises CD
Georgiana Stewart- Musical Scarves and Exercises CD
Twin Sisters- Speechersize

Basic Skills:
Hap Palmer- Health and Safety CD
Hap Palmer-Learning Basic Skills through Music CD
Hap Palmer- Basic Skills Vocabulary CD

Kidzup Educational Music- "A" is for Apple
Kidzup Educational Music- Alphabet Boogie
Garfield- Colors at my School
Dora the Explorer- ABC
Twin Sisters- The Animal Alphabet
Kidzup- Count your Fingers
Twin Sisters- What Color are you Wearing?
Twin Sisters- Can you Name the Animal?
Obie Leff- The Sounds of the Alphabet

Class Favorites
The Hit Crew- Hands Up
Miss Lisa- The World is a Rainbow
Slippery Music
I am a Pizza
Down on Grandpa's Farm
Wheel's on the Bus
Down by the Bay
Baby Balooga
Going to the Zoo
Five little Monkeys
Baby Fish
Katalina Matalina
Do your ears hang low?
Apples and Banana's
It's Bitsy Spider

To learn about how I incorporate communication into my music time, click on the picture below!!!

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