Out of Sight... Out of Mind????

We all know the expression, "Out of sight, out of mind."  I take this seriously when organizing and setting up my classroom.  I try to minimize distractors for my kiddo's.  Well.... you remember how I set up my IEP tubs???
This was BEFORE:

This was AFTER:

I added a small tension rod to the top inside of the bookshelf.  I then bought a cheap sheer curtain from Big Lots.  I love this because I can pull the curtain to the side when we are using the materials, and close it for the rest of the day... OUT OF SIGHT OUT OF MIND... right?

I also did this to my Sensory Tub shelf!

I covered these book shelves to keep my little kiddo's out of it! I'm super excited with this new project of mine! 

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  1. Let us know if this works. I have a very active group that is into everything!