September Vocabulary Unit

Last year I struggled with "structured" vocabulary instruction.  I would take monthly themes and design ELD instruction around common themes.  I decided to create my very own Boardmaker Curriculum using monthly themes! I am EXCITED to share September's Vocabulary Unit with you today!
This bundle has 20 vocabulary words for the month of September.  The 77 page bundle has plenty of activities to utilize during whole class instruction, small group activities and independent practice.  The following products are included in this bundle:

Refrigerator Vocabulary Copy. This can be sent home at the beginning of the month for parents to post at home.

Vocabulary Cards. These can be printed, laminated and attached to the white board with magnets, word wall or pocket chart.  You can also play games such as memory or go fish with these cards!

Sight Word Flash Cards W/ Pictures
 Sight Word Flash Cards W/O Pictures
 Picture Match File Folder game
 Picture to Sight Word Match File Folder game
September Bingo! (20 play cards)
Picture to Sight Word Worksheet (Color and B/W options)
 Monthly Vocabulary Coloring Book
 Spelling Test and A-Z Worksheets

I am super excited to try this with my kiddo's this year! I am certain it will make planning and teaching SO much easier and I just know my kids will LOVE it! (especially the BINGO!).  I will also use this to guide further instruction such as math, science and art!  I hope you enjoy this! I know I am BEYOND excited to use it!

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