How Do You Feel Today?

I bought this poster and placed it right by my front door.  I stop my students in the morning and have them answer my question, "How do you feel today?"  This helps me set expectations for today.  Not all of my kiddo's are able to answer independently, but I will prompt them to answer based on what their body language is saying.  I will also prompt kids to this poster throughout the day if needed during a tantrum or melt down to help teach them how to regulate their emotions!

As you can see, it is right on my wall when you walk in the door! How do you communicate emotions within your own classroom?

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  1. I have a cookie sheet that I divided into sections with tape. Each section has a picture and matching words of an emotion. The students each have a magnet with their name on it they place the magnet to how they are feeling and are allowed to move it throughout the day. It is attached to the side of one of my book shelves with Velcro