October Vocabulary Bundle

Oh goodness, September sure did speed by! Can you believe it's ALMOST October? I wanted to go over my October Vocabulary Unit.  As I mentioned in September, I teach the entire month based on themes.  For October, I am focusing on Fall and Halloween!
The words included in this months bundle are:
trick or treat
haunted house
spider web

Included in this bundle: Bingo! I created 20 different bingo cards so that you can play as a whole class.  I also included two different file folder games. I love file folder games because they are easy to pull out for a quick activity and they are re-usable over the years.  The two games are vocabulary matching.  The first one is matching pictures to pictures and the second is matching words to pictures.  This allows differentiation for your kiddo's and their different levels they are at.
 I LOVE word walls.  I post vocabulary words everywhere.  I attach them to the white board with magnets, stick them in a pocket chart, or attach them with velcro.  I know that with my class, one set of vocbulary words is not going to cut it.  I created 3 different versions to allow you to use with the different reading levels in your class.  The three styles are:
1. Flash cards without pictures (for your highest kiddo's)
2. Flash cards with pictures (for your middle kiddo's)
3. 4 x 4 inch flashcards with LARGE pictures (for your picture reading kiddo's)
Also included in this bundle are worksheets! I have picture to sight word matching worksheets to practice spelling.  I also have spelling lists and ABC order worksheets for your use!  My favorite part of this bundle is the coloring book!  This easy to print and assemble coloring book is great for fine motor practice as well as independent work! I typically have these stashed in the front of the room and pull them out when we have 10 minutes to kill.  These are cute and a great activity to send home at the end of the month!  

The last thing in this bundle are what I call "refrigerator copies."  I have a color copy version as well as a black and white option.  These are what I send home in the beginning of the month with my newsletter.  I ask parents to post this at home where you kid see's them often.  This allows parents and families to review the monthly vocabulary at home!

This bundle is a great start for monthly instruction.  It is full of hands-on activities that promotes student learning.  It is for sell in my TpT store HERE!

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