Crisis Mode!

Pheww, I made it through yesterday!                                                  

Here are a few pics to some up my day!!! (my bulletin board destroyed)

I am a firm advocate for making my children be as independent as possible.  In the morning, my students are to take out any papers from their back pack and put their backpack in their cubby.  One of my students REFUSED.  After a whole 30 minute tantrum full of destruction and aggression, he completed his task!  
When I present a task to a student, they must complete it.  No matter how bad the tantrum is or meltdown lasts, it is imperative that the requested task be completed so that my students understand and respect their teachers.  Now, if a child is struggling, OF COURSE I intervene to help.  That means prompts, shortening the assignment, breaks etc.  Whatever is needed to help the child become successful.  I believe that by caving in to tantrums, the child will learn to tantrum and they will get out of the requested task or request.

Yesterday, I used a LOT of visuals to help my student calm down.  I worked with my kiddo to help him regulate his emotions, communicate his frustrations and complete the task. (Unpack his backpack!)

I really am dependent on visuals to help the kids (AND ME) get through those difficult behaviors.  These materials are all apart of my Calm Down Kit  which I keep stashed in a bin on my desk.  I like to keep these visuals handy so they are readily available when a crisis occurs!


  1. I'm the same way, Melissa!! I never cave to tantrums, even though it's the easy thing to do. In the long run it just makes things worse!! I feel your pain. I've had a rough start to my year with tantrums and meltdowns! Enjoy your weekend and a much needed glass of wine!


  2. Thank you for the wonderful classroom ideas! We had a similar crisis on Friday in my room...ripped down bulletin board included. Here's to a more positive upcoming week!

    - Maura

  3. You all are angels!

  4. You teachers are amazing! I take my hat of to you all! You are shaping the future of the children and making a huge difference in their lives! You are very much valued and appreciated and don't think for a moment your work goes unnoticed! You are all AMAZING!