December Vocabulary Bundle!

Oh my goodness, I didn't realize how soon December was coming! With Thanksgiving so late this year, it threw me off! Needless to say, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite December activities I will be doing this year.

Here is my
Words included in this months bundle:
• December
• Christmas tree
• dreidel
• snowflake
• Chanukah
• winter
• jingle bells
• stocking
• present
• train
• Santa Claus
• Christmas Day
• Kwanza
• candy cane
• ornament
• cold
• reindeer
• gingerbread house
• menorah
• chimney

In this bundle, several different activities are included!  The bundle includes a "refrigerator copy" of the vocabulary words to be sent home at the beginning of the month.  I always ask parents to review the vocabulary words with their child at home to reinforce what we are discussing in the classroom.  There is also a vocabulary coloring book that I use to fill time when we have that awkward ten minutes before lunch. Lastly, there are matching worksheets to build sight word recognition skills!

In this bundle, I provided 3 different formats of vocabulary cards to allow for differentiation.  We all know just one form does not meet the needs of all of our kiddo's.  I have a simple picture vocabulary card, sight word vocabulary card, and a middle format with a small picture and large word.

 I also included 20 bingo cards and games.  This is a great fun friday activity that pushes kids to recognize the words on their own!  Also in this bundle, there are 2 different file folder games you can use to challenge kids.
I hope you enjoy this bundle! It is a great addition to your curriculum during the holiday season! Grab it in my store here!

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