Nova Chat Communication Device

I am SUPER pumped to share with you two video's about the Nova Chat 10.

This first video gives you a little tour of the Nova Chat 10 Communication Device.  This is Nova Chat software on a Samsung tablet.

This second video shows you how simple it is to add or delete a button on a page to make for individualized communication.

I LOVE this device.  I have played on several high tech communication devices and this is by far the most user friendly.  It is great for my students and for staff to set up.  I'd love to hear about how you use your communication devices in your classroom :)

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  1. This year, I have students with a Dynavox and 2 with Proloquo2 basic on iPads, one on a mini and one on the full size model. I love, love, love how easy Proloquo is to navigate and edit and add buttons. Plus it's easy to lock and unlock so students can't mess with the controls until they are ready to do this responsibly. They both have hard covers in case they are dropped and are super lightweight. The Dynavox is a dinosaur compared to these 2 devices. To add buttons or edit is incredibly complicated, and so is the online manual. I usually had to call the AT person to come or and work with it and show me how to do it, but couldn't remember all of the steps in between since they were so complicated. Plus the device is soooooooo heavy, my poor guy leans to the left to carry it. No one even mentioned Nova Chat so wonder about the difference?