Organizing Monthly Crafts

How do you organize crafts?  This year, I have a class of "non-cutters" meaning tasks need a lot of preparation in order for my students to complete them independently.  Some of my co-workers have commented on how organized I am with craft/art time so wanted to share with you how I prepare!

First, I find a few crafts online that I like and print out the pictures. I then set it out for my FABULOUS aides that love to do crafty things. I am truly blessed with some crafty ladies ;)

My aides have enough experience with my kids to know just how much preparation needs to be done vs. how much the kids can do.  I usually cut out all pieces and have them organized and ready to go.  

Here are a few examples, Pictures of the completed crafts will be posted as we finish them!

Pattern Candy cane craft. 
 Big to Small Christmas Tree
Spell Your Name Snowman Craft

When I have the supplies ready for the craft I stick it in a manilla envelope so the pieces do not get lost. I also use pencil and write on the outside the needed supplies.  For example, I would write christmas tree craft: glue sticks and pencil.  This way, I can quickly set up for art time.

I do confess, I have bunches of things pinned to my pinterest boards months in advance.  Then, when I have a day with four kids out sick and I can spare an aide, I have them make several crafts.  I can sometimes have crafts prepared 3 months in advance!  I love it.... over-prepared! :)


  1. Do you do one craft a day or do you tend to have more because of different speeds of different kiddos? I love having crafts in my room but I have a hard time figuring out if I am doing just one or more and do you do crafts every day or is it just a special time once a week? Thanks. Amy

    1. Hi Amy, I typically do 2-3 a week. It really depends on what's going on for the week and how my kids are acting!