Snowman Name Craft!

Check out this SUPER SIMPLE snow man craft my kiddo's did last week! And how cute are they on our bulletin board? I'm in love :) Yet, another pinterest inspiration!

Each snowball has a letter on it.  My students had to write their own name and arrange the letters in the correct order.  This is an IEP goal for so many of my students.  I love crafts like this that target so many skills in a fun way! When I call it "art time" in my class my students never think of it as work! I love it!


  1. Cute! Will probably be doing this this week. We just did a different snowman craft today! Ooo, I just had an idea, for a few of my higher students I could have then write a sentence (word for each circle), or even a paragraph (sentence for each circle)! Thanks so much for sharing

  2. We are so making these in my classroom. I think I will use it in January as part of our snowy theme. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Super cute idea!! I may just steal it in January!! Hailey from Autism Tank