February Art Projects

February is coming to an end.  We have had a blast celebrating Valentine's Day and all of the other fun activities we had planned.  One of our biggest themes for this month was HEARTS.  We did a lot of fun fine motor art projects.  As I begin to take all of our hard work down off our walls, I wanted to share a few of our favorites with you!

I like to use tissue paper a lot! It is great fine motor tasks for my kiddos.  Depending on the student's physical abilities, they can crumble tissue squares or just glue them straight on!  I love how they all turn out different and unique :)

Greeting Visuals

I like to start our day with music and greetings.  Because I teach the upper elementary class, I like to do age appropriate activities.  By combining the traditional primary grades "circle time" with my student's cognitive abilities I have created my very own routine: "Morning Meeting!"


Work Centers

I absolutely LOVE my work centers.  They run very smoothly and we are able to maximize instructional time.  I have a very systematic work center system that is very easy to implement in any classroom.  My system promotes student learning and independence.  The first component to my work center system is my furniture layout.  I have three work center tables located in my classroom; two kidney bean tables and one six foot table.  Each table is labeled with a color label both on the table and hanging from the ceiling above the table.  I have a "red table," "yellow table," and "blue table."


A Fresh Scent!

There is nothing worst then walking into a smelly classroom!  11 stinky kids herding back into the classroom after PE or recess can be disastrous in a closed off portable!  Luck for me, I have a very good friend who cares about me :)  My good friend gave me the best christmas gift a teacher could ask for!  I got a Scentsy!!


How Would We Survive Without our Schedules?

Since starting my own classroom blog, I have been thinking of where to start! What is the best way to share my classroom with a complete stranger?  How can I portray my classroom over a blog without walking you through my door?

After a few days... I decided that it would be best to start with the backbone of my classroom: SCHEDULES!  My classroom runs like a well oiled machine, one that adheres to a strict daily schedule.  Teaching student's with significant disabilities, it is crucial to create routines and maintain consistency.  With that being said, we have a daily schedule that we follow every single day!  Here it is:

My Home Away From Home!

I spend more time in my classroom then I do my own home.  Between my neurotic tendencies and my dedicated staff, we have created a vibrant, cheery and an obsessively organized classroom!  Here are some pictures of Room 83!

View when you first walk into Room 83!



Welcome to my blog.  I decided to jump in like many other teacher's I know and start a blog to chronicle my journey as a teacher.  I am so excited to join the blog world and meet all of you.

I am lucky that I did not have to do it alone, I had some help