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Student Cubbies

I am SOOO lucky! I have lockers in my classroom.  These are great because my student's are able to open their lockers and put their things away on their own.  In the morning, student's open their backpacks and put their homework folders in their mailboxes.  They also take their lunch/snacks out and put them in the snack basket (this makes it easy at lunch time, I just have my Teacher Helper carry the basket to the cafeteria and it saves SOOO much time) and put their backpack away in their locker.  

Throughout the day, student's put their sweaters and jackets in their locker so it is easy at the end of the day to get ready for the bus!  For my students with individual needs, such as health supplies/diapers/wipes, I keep their belongings in their locker as well!  I am so glad to be lucky to have these lockers.  We are able to stay organized this way and I can promote independence for my students! 


Job Titles Bulletin Board

I try to instill a sense of responsibility in my kiddo's.  With that being said, I think it is extremely important to carry out classroom jobs for student's.  This is the highlight of our Monday's Morning Meetings!  The student's love picking new jobs.   I have visual job's posted in the front of the room.  Student's have their pictures that they attach to their job for the week using velcro.  This makes it easy for student's to quickly check to see their weekly job!


Calm Down Kit

I am SO excited to share with you my full CALM DOWN KIT bundle! 


TEACCH Task Boxes!


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Five For Friday

Five For Friday Link Up!

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Spring is in the Air!

I love spring! It is full of flowers, bright colors and happiness!  Today we made tissue paper flowers, and they turned out adorable.  I cut out the pieces and had the students assemble them by copying from the model.  Once all of the pieces were glued down, I passed out rainbow tissue paper and let the students go crazy.  I love tissue paper crafts because they address sensory needs, fine motor practice and fun interactive projects.

Here is our finished product! I put them up with our bunnies we made for Easter :)


My life saver this week...

So as we all know, some of our kiddo's like to start new behaviors.  This week, I have a whole NEW kid.  I am convinced its puberty (5th grade boy).  This student is obsessed with fans and air conditioner units.  He will get lost in the sound and begin to stem.  I try to prevent this at all costs, but this week I caved.

I used one of the working cards from my Positive Reinforcement Card Pack on TPT, and let him work for the fan.  At first I had to reward him every 3 minutes, but by today we were up to 20 minute increments.  This card saved my life this week!  While this is still a temporary fix, it is managing the tantrums so that all of my students are safe.  I am still working to figure out the sudden  change in behaviors, but at least for today we are managing the behaviors.  

Check out my product on Teachers Pay Teachers and offer any feedback on how I could revise this to make it more effective :)


IEP Tubs

Do you ever feel overwhelmed throughout the day when you try to address EVERY IEP goal that is in your classroom?  I know I do.  How can you teach multiplication and colors at the same time?  Simply put, you can't.  I make sure to address all of our student's individual needs through a very strict and rigorous daily schedule.  In order to make it all possible, students each have their own IEP tub set up for quick assessments and daily monitoring.


Work Center Visuals

I provide a lot of visuals throughout our day.  I have created a simple double-sided visual that I have stationed at all of my work centers.  On one side, it is a simple yes/no choice.  This is used with both verbal and non-verbal students.  On the opposite side I provide 3 choices: I need help, I'm finished, Leave me alone.  These are stationed at every work table so that we can quickly pull them out to provide support for our students.

These visuals are a necessity in my classroom!  They have stopped many students on the verge of tantrum and helped students communicate their needs.


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Sunday Blog Day!

It's Sunday, and its dreary outside.  What does that mean? Sunday Blog Day! I've got everything set up on my bed... laminator, velcro, paper cutter, laptop, laminating paper, velcro scissors and tons of things to be laminated! I have to admit, I'm a dork, I love days like this!

HAPPY SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!


April Showers Bring May Flowers

Today my class had a lot of fun working on our monthly thinking map.  Our theme was "April Showers Bring May Flowers."  Student's sorted flowers into a tree map: yellow and white flowers.  We used dot makers to decorate our umbrellas!  This was a fun sorting activity we did while incorporating our seasonal themes.  Click on the link below to print the free printable!


Lining Up!

If you think about it, how many times do you ask your class to line up.  Several times a day I find myself lining my students up before we head out the door.  I hate chaos and confusion, so I have created a system to lining up that dismisses all confusion.  My staff is great in assisting.



My bed is covered with my laptop, laminator, paper cutter and velcro and The Voice is playing in the background.  This is how I spend most of my nights, multi-tasking!  My class is now receiving whole class OT starting tomorrow so I had to do up some new PECS real quick.  While I was at it, I decided to re-do some of my visuals that I use daily!

Come back for some freebies!  I'll be uploading my visual cue cards tomorrow!


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Autism is...


Currently April

Now that I am on Spring Break, I am exploring the world of Linky Parties.  Almost every blog I come across is doing the "currently ___" link ups.  I am excited to join the fun!  Here is to my first "currently" link up!


Let's Get Acquainted! Linky Party

Flying into First Grade is hosting a fun Linky party.  Because I am new to the blog world, I am excited to get to know all of you.  Here is MY Favorites Survey!


Autism Awareness!

I am new to the blogging world, and I am excited to join my FIRST link party.  I could not be happier to join a better cause then Autism Awareness Month.  I teach a class of severely handicapped students, many who have a diagnosis of Autism.  I use a lot of best practice strategies in my classroom that support my students with Autism.  Because of this, I am linking up with some other fabulous blogs that all focus on the needs of children with Autism.

Most of my favorite and most popular products on Teachers Pay Teachers are my adapted books.  Check out my post on Adapted Books for more information.  These are very commonly used with students with Autism as they are visual books for students to test comprehension, increase vocabulary and promote independence.  They are always a hit in my classroom!  I use them during silent reading, small group rotations, ELD and much much more!  I can never stop creating them :)

For my freebie to celebrate Autism Awareness Month, I decided to give a way my newly created adapted book called, "What is the Dog Doing?"  This 15 page book focuses on verbs in a fun interactive way! Click on the picture below to print from Google Docs!

Here is a shot of all the pages:

Click on the picture below to enter to win an AWESOME prize at Crayon Box Learning!

Enjoy our Linky! 
I'd love feedback on my free product so I can improve my products in the future!