Friday is art day! Here are two cute art projects we did this week.  We have been talking about bugs this month, and my student's had a blast with these two projects!  We made paper plate lady bugs and toilet paper roll bee's!


A Note From Miss Toth

Communication with my parents is THE most important thing to ensure every child is being provided a fair education.  I am so blessed to have wonderful parents this year that appreciate my staff as well as care so deeply about their child's educational program.  With that being said, I like to make sure I do my best to communicate with parents on my end.  Our days are filled with craziness, and many times I need to write a quick note home to parents.  For example... Diego spilled his juice during lunch, his dirty clothes are in his backpack.  I got so tired looking for scratch paper and writing full letters that I created a ready to go cute letter home!



Velcro.. Velcro... Velcro!

Velcro is everywhere in my classroom.  It is an absolute necessity in my classroom.  I use it for absolutely everything! I have learned a few tricks about velcro!

1.  Designate one pair of scissors for velcro.  The sticky back always turns your scissors sticky.  This will make it hard to cut paper.  I labeled my scissors VELCRO so I wouldn't forget.  This has saved me from going through a lot of scissors!


Products on YouTube and ETSY!

So I have spent my Memorial Day working like a crazy lady addicted to coffee! It was a PRODUCTIVE weekend none the less....

I now have all of my adapted books posted on my ETSY store available for purchase.  Through ETSY, you can purchase all of my products in assembled ready to go! All of my products in my ETSY store are printed, laminated, binded and velcro'd! These products will be shipped to you.


Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!


Catch-Up Week!

Hey guys! I am sorry but I will be taking a week off from blog posts.  I have SO much catch up work to do.  I am currently getting ready to launch my very own Etsy store.  This store will have all of my products put together, laminated and binded for you :) I also now have a Teacher's Notebook up and running! In addition to this... I have a social story bundle coming your way! Please feel free to contact me with questions or requests! I will be sure to update you guys on here when my Etsy store is up and ready :)

Thanks for being such awesome followers!  I want to reward my daily readers... so email me at TODAY, May 20th by midnight, letting me know you checked into my blog today! Be sure to leave which adapted book you would like for FREE from my TpT store, and I'll be sure to email it to you tomorrow :)

Good deal? I thought so!

Dolch Noun Puzzles

I created a great activity for my kiddo's, Dolch Noun Puzzles!  I use the Dolch Sight word lists to drive instruction and to create IEP goals.  I decided to make these Dolch Noun puzzles for fun center activities! They have been a hit :)


The coolest pointer ever...

THE coolest pointer ever! The hand lights up when you press a button and there are sound effects! Correct and incorrect answer noises.  My Students love to be my teacher's helper so they can use this! 

This is also a great tool to use during tantrums/meltdowns.  I can often times get my kiddo's attention during instruction by pulling this sucker out! It's an instant hit.  I don't use this every day at the same time... I don't want the novelty to wear off.  Sometimes I use it during calendar, sometimes ELD, sometimes during small groups.  It is effective because I use it inconsistently! This is probably the only inconsistent thing about my class! EVERYTHING else is routine based and schedule based. HAHAHA.  I love my new toy :)


Open House Tour!

Last night was open house! It was a LOOONNG day.  Here are some pictures of my room as a finished product!!!! 1 picture from each corner!


What Are You Wearing Today?

I created a mini communication book to help with communication both at home and school.  It can be used in the mornings or during therapy sessions to assist students in building independence.  I have a few student's who have life skill type goals such as getting dressed on their own.  I created this to send home with one of my kiddo's!


Monday Motivator!

I know we are all dying for summer to come... but let's remember to make the best of what we have left :) Our Kiddo's need us! 


Mothers Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

We made cute Mother's Day Cards I found on Pinterest!  I Love My Mom "Bee"cause...


What Shape/What Colors Adapted Book!

I work on colors and shapes almost every day with some of my student's.  Some of my student's have mastered identifying the simple shapes.  I wanted to create something that challenged those student's at the next level.  I created an Adapted Book, What Colors and What Shapes? Identifying Shapes and Colors in our Everyday Environment.


How to Plant a Flower Flow Map

Thinking Maps are a huge push in our district right now.  I am incorporating Thinking Maps as much as possible for my kiddo's.  I created a large laminated reusable poster for the three most common thinking maps.  Today we used the Flow Map to sequence "How to Plant a Flower."


What Ever It Takes... Right?


My Monday Motivator

Inspire.... believe... dream...


#Teacher Talk Tuesday

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Organizing Worksheets

How do you organize your teaching materials? I feel SO overwhelmed sometimes trying to keep everything organized and ready to go to maximize learning in my classroom.  I decided to create THIS system for worksheets!



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