Monday Motivator!


October Activities!

I use Pinterest as my go-to craft finder! I LOVE pinterest, and I like to create monthly boards to organize all of the fun crafts and activities that go along with my monthly themes.  Here is an active Pinterest board where I store all of my ideas for the month of October! Check it out :)

Be sure to "follow" my board because I continue to pin idea's to this board year round!


October Vocabulary Bundle

Oh goodness, September sure did speed by! Can you believe it's ALMOST October? I wanted to go over my October Vocabulary Unit.  As I mentioned in September, I teach the entire month based on themes.  For October, I am focusing on Fall and Halloween!

Peek-A-Boo, Where is the Ghost?

PEEK-A-BOO, WHERE IS THE GHOST?! Here is a fun interactive adapted book for the month of October.  Be sure to print it now so you have it ready to go on October 1st when you introduce your monthly themes to your kiddo's!

Monday Movie Motivator!


Apple Sequencing!

Okay, I am in LOVE with this craft we finished today. (I found the idea on Pinterest). Look at how stinkin' cute they turned out!!!


Seriously... it happened AGAIN!

Why am I not learning my lesson.  I let one of my kiddo's play "DJ" for the class and control the music on the iPod.  Well... look what I found... a PASSWORD LOCK.  Does he remember the combo? No. Can I figure it out? NO.

Any advice????


How Do You Feel Today?

I bought this poster and placed it right by my front door.  I stop my students in the morning and have them answer my question, "How do you feel today?"  This helps me set expectations for today.  Not all of my kiddo's are able to answer independently, but I will prompt them to answer based on what their body language is saying.  I will also prompt kids to this poster throughout the day if needed during a tantrum or melt down to help teach them how to regulate their emotions!

As you can see, it is right on my wall when you walk in the door! How do you communicate emotions within your own classroom?


Apples and OT!

Do you guys have an OT service your class? I'm SUPER lucky... my class gets a full class OT lesson once a week.  She is fabulous and comes in with fun activities and usually wraps up the session with a cute craft/art project.

This week she did a cute apple craft to start the year.  The students had to tear their own paper and glue it to their apple.  The fun part was finger painting the worm and stem! This is a great sensory activity for my kiddo's with autism!


Monday Motivator!!



The Very Hungry Caterpillar Activities!

I like to do a book of the month in my class.  We use it in our monthly theme activities.  I will typically read the book on a daily basis so my students can grasp the books and answer comprehension questions on their own.  This month I am using THE VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR!

I created a bundle of activities to use with my kiddo's because I wanted to create hands on activities that would be applicable to my kiddo's!

Toilet Training

I get a lot of questions about toilet training.  Even though I teach upper elementary students, I do have a few students who are still dependent on adults with their toileting needs.  I follow a bathroom schedule in my classroom where I take the students to the restroom 3x a day in groups with staff members.  This makes it so that I have minimal distractors!


Never Forget


Daily Schedule

I get this question A LOT... what is your daily schedule!?  I am going to try to write it out as simple as possible :)


8:30    School Wide Flag Salute/Line up
8:40    Morning Fitness/Bathroom
9:00    Morning Meeting (Social Skills/Life Skills/Classroom Jobs)
9:20    Work Centers (Technology, IEP goals/writing, math)
10:20  Breakfast
10:35-10:55 Recess
11:00  Bathroom/Sensory Tub Play
11:20  Work Centers (Technology, Reading, Independent Work)
12:20  Calendar
12:45-1:40 Lunch
1:40    Bathroom/Rest time
2:10    Speech/ OT/APE and TASK Boxes/ART/Science
2:45    Recess/Pack-up


Monday Movie Motivator!

Make sure you watch the entire thing.... Love this one!


September Science Unit!

I am in completely in love with The Autism Tank and her science units she has posted.  I bought her unit for the month of September and added some of my own goodies along with some fun activities! Here is what I have planned for September!  BODY PARTS/HUMAN BODY

I made cute science folders for the kiddo's and laminated them so that they can last all year.  I then run off the months worksheets in advance so they are ready to go and easy to complete!



Today is my first day of school, and boy am I nervous this year!  I am up to only 10 kiddos (let's see how long before I get a new one) and 4 aides! I am super lucky to have a great student:adult ratio this year.  Two of my instructional assistants are health aides for two individuals.

How do you welcome your kiddo's? I sent post cards to my kids last week.  I got a few texts from parents saying thank-you!

Lets just hope I don't lose any kids today!!!!!!!!!!


New Organization Idea!

Big Lots had these on sale for $22 bucks... so I grabbed TWO!  One is for student cubbies and the other is for daily paperwork for myself and my staff members!



Sorry about my lack of posts both yesterday and today.  I have a bunch of half finished posts ready to go out.. and then this weekend I got ENGAGED! So obviously blogging was pushed to the side while I celebrated with my friends and family.  Anywho, back to work I go this morning.  I will resume regular blogging tomorrow!

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