Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating with your students, co-workers, families, friends and loved ones!

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Big Pumpkin Pocket Chart Activity!

As you know, I just love the story, Big Pumpkin, for the month of October!  Here is another activity I created for an independent center!

November Products!

November is in just a few days... and you know what that means.  Time to laminate and get things ready!  I wanted to share a few November goodies that might just be good for your bunch of kiddo's this year~

Monday Motivator!


New AAC Devices in my Classroom!!!!

It's no secret that I LOVE technology.  I incorporate iPods, iPads, communication switches, go-talks, big buttons, 7 Level Communicator and much more in our daily routine!!!  After weeks of waiting for Low Incidence funding to go through, one of my students just got her new device, the Nova Chat 10.  This week we had several people come in to set it up, install the wheelchair mount, adjust the reach and train all staff.

October Thinking Maps!

I get a lot of questions about my Thinking Maps, and different "sets" I create each month.  Here are a few examples that I made for October.

Bubble Map: I created a Bubble Map for Halloween to allow students a different way of learning monthly vocabulary.  In the center we have "halloween."  Surrounding "halloween" we have "witch," "trick or treat", "jack-o-lantern," "costumes," "candy," and "ghost!"


Library Organization


Reading Comprehension Activity: My Fish!

I get a lot of questions how I teach/test reading comprehension strategies with my students.  Like I mentioned in my listening center post, I like to use the listening center to help aide students comprehension skills.  Here is an example how I adapted a simple picture book from my listening center activity for my classroom.

My Fish by Juan Quintana


Monday Movie Motivator!


Crisis Mode!

Pheww, I made it through yesterday!                                                  

"Bubble Map" with Special Thinkers!


My Version of a "Diaper Bag."

How do you carry around those classroom essentials with you? I have a cute bag that we carry all of our necessary materials with us at all times!


Book Of the Month for October! Big Pumpkin

HOLY COW, It's October! This year is just flying by.  I am excited to share my new product I made.  Here is my Book of the Month Bundle for October.  It is all based on Big Pumpkin by Erica Silverman.

I created a bundle of activities to use with my kiddo's because I wanted to create hands on activities that would be applicable to my kiddo's!  The following is included in this bundle:

Flashcards and 2 File Folder Games
Math and Writing Worksheets

Following Directions Worksheets
Comprehension Questions
Take Home Book Report

I LOVE my book of the month bundles.  Getting them printed, laminated and organized makes for SUCH easy planning and instruction.  It will also allow for easy storage for next year!

You can buy this product HERE in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store!