How To Build A Snowman Writing Activity

I love working on whole class writing activities.  Today, we worked on building a snowman.  For the whole month of January we have been discussing the body parts of a snowman and how to build one.  I created this bubble map activity so that students could add and remove velcro pieces as we discuss the parts of a snowman.

I tried to be crafty here….. as you can see I made a snowman using felt! This is a super fun activity that my kids absolutely love.  They get to build a snowman piece by piece!

Now, for the writing part:
I created simple sentence strips to post in the front of the classroom.  We reviewed how to build a snow man and read each sentence as we built one using our felt pieces.  Once we reviewed the steps, my students wrote how to build a snowman using their individualized worksheet.

For my lowest students, I created a cut and past worksheet.  They had to match the picture to what I said.  This was a great way for my non-writers to participate in my whole class writing activity.

For my students who are working on tracing, I had the sentenced pre-typed for them so that they could independently trace their sentences.

Lastly, for my highest students I created a word bank and had my students fill in the blanks.  At this time, I do not have any students writing and spelling independently.  If you had higher students you could challenge students to copy from the model in front or write independently about a snowman.

I also had each student color a coloring page I found online!  This was a great writing activity that I now have posted on my writing board for the month!

Like this activity?  I posted it as an added bonus to my January Vocabulary Unit.  All the writing worksheets are included!  It is available for purchase on TpT!

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