Using a Projector during Morning Meeting!

Okay…. I'm guessing half of you read my blog post title and thought to themselves, "I wish I had a projector."  Yes! I FINALLY got one :)  Every teacher at my school got one and I am BEYOND excited to incorporate it into our already exhausted daily routines.  I have had it for about a week and have already found so many great uses!  Here is just ONE of the ways I use it during morning meeting!

During Morning meeting, sometimes I choose to call each child up to the front of the room.  Each student gets a turn to come to the front, find their name, recite their personal information (birthday, age, phone number and address).  A way to SPICE this up was with a projector.  Rather than calling them up, I use powerpoint to project their picture.  The kids LOVE it!

On each slide, I have a board maker YES/NO symbol.  I ask, "Is Shane Here?" and Shane comes up to the front of the class and touches yes or no if he is here.  This is a fun and interactive way to answer the simple question!

When I got the projector, my first thought was CRAP.  How am I going to keep this thing from breaking?  My kids will knock it over! I decided to keep my desks in a u Shape in the center of the room.  I added a large desk to the middle of the U and put all of the technology there.  It has worked out to be pretty snug right there.  I did rearrange my students so my four calmest students were surrounding the projector.  During free/leisure time, I have an aide sit there while watching/engaging with the kids to keep curious kiddo's from touching it.

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How do you use a projector in your classroom?  Do you have any websites you like?  I'd love new ideas!  Thanks


  1. In the past, I have used the calendar on! The students LOVE it! It updates each day and has fun interactive things to do!

  2. That sounds awesome! I LOVE my projector and don't know what I would do without it! I project books up on the screen that we read together as a class. Books that are created yourself or from TpT are great because they are already in PDF form and a few of the school resources we have include CDs as well that we use. I also use YouTube to show students different skills (such as making mircowave popcorn) because we do something like that. Brain Pop is great as well as GFCLearnFree. Boardmaker Achieve has interactive boards and stories you can use as well (as well as create your own!) My is mounted up on my ceiling - I wonder if someone would be able to do that for you as well? HAVE FUN!

    Brie Breezy Special Ed

  3. Great Idea! I can imagine the kids love to see themselves projected on the board! Hailey from Autism Tank

  4. We use Starfall also. They love it! Our sped dept let us buy a subscription. We do calendar, math songs, stories, etc. You also get a ton of worksheets and other resources with the subscription. I love your room! I'm FINALLY in my own room, so I've been working in it a little bit each day. Hopefully I'll be ready to go when August gets here.

    Teaching with TLC,
    A Tender Teacher for Special Needs