Assisstive Technology- The Steps to Assessing!

So now we know WHAT assistive technology is, we know the different kinds of assistive technology…. so now what?  How do we assess our students for assistive technology?  Now, a little disclaimer… while I will share with you the BASIC steps and guidelines I want to assure you that your district will have their own steps and protocols to follow.  Also, you must have an assistive technology certificate or degree to authorize an assessment.  Because of this, I just plan to outline the steps to give you an idea of what to expect when making requests for your students and how to meet their needs!

All of the page numbers refer to the wonderful resource,
-go under the tab "supports"
-scroll through these WONDERFUL resources
-to reference the page numbers below, find ASNAT Manual- 5th addition

Step One
Select AT Assessment team members
(WATI Ch. 1, pp 13-14)
A person knowledgeable:
1. …about the student. This may be parents/family member/student
2. …in curriculum – usually Special Ed Teacher
3. …in language – usually SLP
4. …in motor skills – OT or PT
5. …in districts’ resources – usually administrator
6. …in any other appropriate areas of deficit

Step Two
Obtain signed assessment plan (follow district protocol)

Step Three
AT Assessment Team Meeting Number One
A. WATI AT Assessment Directions/Procedure Guide (WATI Ch. 1, pp 16-17)
B. WATI AT Consideration Guide (WATI AT Ch. 1, pp 10-11
C. WATI AT Assessment-applicable sections only (WATI Ch 1, pp 20-43)
D. AT Team member’s complete applicable sections prior to next team meeting
E. Team members use “Gathering Information about Environments and Tasks” form (WATI Ch 1, pp 45-51)

Step Four
AT Assessment Team Meeting Number Two
A. Team members present results of Referral/Question Identification Guide
(WATI Ch 1, pp 20-43. All members complete p 44)
B. Team selects appropriate AT device to test (WATI Ch 1, pp 52-63)

Step Five
Begin trial use of device(s)
 (WATI Ch 1, pp 64-67)
• How will you establish baseline?
• How will you measure impact from device on educational outcomes?

Step Six
AT Assessment Team Meeting Number Three
A. Team discusses AT trial results
B. Team creates collaborative AT report articulating trial results/recommendations
C. Select appropriate/agreed upon AT device
D. Establish timeline to reconvene to evaluate and determine next steps

Step Seven
AT Assessment Team Meeting Number Four
A. Review data collection for AT effectiveness
B. Determine need/frequency/method for future
AT effectiveness monitoring
1. IEP Goals? Student training? Staff training?

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