Writing Through The Year- Setting Up Your Writing Center

So I decided to change a few things up in my classroom recently.  We are now dedicating my morning rotation at the blue table to writing.  It is becoming our "Writing Center!"

Read all about my work centers here!

SO here is how I organized my supplies!!! I used the three drawers to organize the supplies needed during writing time.  In my first drawer I have writing utensils which includes spacers, highlighters, different adapted pencils, erasers, dry erase markers, chalk etc.
The second drawer has extra lined paper for additional writing practice my students that finish quickly or need practice with something else.  
Lastly, my third drawer has extra copies of worksheets that practice fine motors (cutting, tracing, etc) that can be used to fill time when needed as well!  I will also use these worksheets when I choose to do a "make-up" day.  I do "make up" days when I have a had a few kids out recently and I need a "make up" day to get everyone caught up to the same point!

On top of my drawers I have a tub full of various writing tools.  I have chalk boards, dry erase boards, letter boards and dry erase booklets for letter practice!

Lastly, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, I have my studendents individual writing folders prepared ahead of time that make for quick and efficient writing centers.


In the red folders are each students individualized Writing Journals!!!
Grab the Journal Covers for free by clicking on the images above!

I have posted all of the anchor charts at once on the bulletin board behind my writing center.  I like them posted year round rather than unit by unit because I want my kids exposed to all concepts year round!  All of these anchor charts are included in the individual units or the 10 Unit Bundle.  These can be cut and glued on to poster board and then laminated.  I chose to laminate mine so that they will last for years! Aren't they cute!???

Here are all the anchor charts included with the bundle here up close!!! Of course you can make them however you want :)

This is how I organized my writing center.  I chose to do it during work centers so that I target writing in small groups.  All of these materials can be used in whole class instruction as well!  Who knows, I may change to whole group next year! Everything changes every year depending on the bunch of kiddo's I get! I'd love to hear how you implemented my writing through the year bundles in your classroom! Please share :)

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