Writing Through The Year- Where to Start/Printing Instructions!???

I wanted to do a post about organizing my "Writing Through The Year" Units as there are A LOT of materials that come included in the zip drive!  First things first… head on over to TpT to grab my bundles.  You can buy each one separately or buy all 10 for the price of 8 in one bundle!

Once you have purchased the product, you will be able to download the zip file.  I would suggest creating a folder on your desktop or in your documents titled Writing Bundles.  This way you can have each unit saved in it's own folder! Makes for SUPER fast easy organization.

When you click on the zip file, you will be brought to a folder with 10 unit folders and a "READ First" folder.  Go ahead and read what's included in the read me first folder.  Then… you are ready to begin assembly!  Click on UNIT 1!

In each unit, you will have several different files.  Start by double clicking the samples document.  This file will need to be printed in color.  I would suggest adjusting your print settings to "best" for this file as these sample pages will be laminated or placed in protective sleeves to be used year after year.

Below is a sample of the SAMPLES pages that will be posted in your writing center!

Next, you can open all of the student writing journals to create a master's binder! Open all and print!  These will be used as the teacher master copy to organize all of your student writing journals.

"Tracing" level
"Boxes" Level
"Copying" Level
"Independent" Level

Also included in each bundle is grammar practice to touch on the Unit's focus! Simply click on the grammar folder and print in black and white! These too will be used for your teacher master copies!

My favorite part of my units are my Unit Anchor Charts and Student Reference Pages!  These come in either two separate folders or lumped together in the Anchor Charts folder!  Within your unit folder, click on the Anchor Chart and Student Reference Page Folders! Print in color ink under the "best" settings.  These will be used to create anchor charts and student reference folders and can be used year after year!

Student Reference Page Sample:
Anchor Chart Poster

I hope the printing guide helped to give you a better idea of where to start when purchasing this massive product! Come back and check out this weeks posts that include:

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