Art Project Ideas!

I wanted to share with you a few art projects we have done these last few weeks that I have not had time to post about! I hope you can "pin" these to an ideas board and create these with your little kiddo's when you have some spare time.  They are all fun and easy to do with your friends!

Name Mosaics! 
I had my staff write each students name large on paper and then we started ripping away!  Students got to pick any color for each letter.  I cut colored construction paper into half inch strips and passed them out.  Students had to rip them and glue them on each letter.  Up close, they look like mosaics.  We put them up in our window to greet our visitors with a little bit of cheerful colors!

Leprechaun Plates!
We made these yesterday during OT with our occupational therapist!  Simply color a paper plate tan.  Glue stone strips of orange paper for a beard and eye brows.  I had my staff members cut out hats, yellow strips and four leaf clovers.  The student then glued them on themselves and drew on happy faces! I love how they all turned out different :)

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