March Vocabulary Unit!

I use monthly themes to drive all instruction.  I like to base my lesson plans around my monthly 20 vocabulary words.  I designed this product to help drive instruction for your classroom too!  In March I will be focusing on St. Patricks Day and How to Set a Table!

So what is included?
I include two different "refrigerator copies" in this bundle.  I send these home in the beginning of the month so that families are able to help their child learn the vocabulary at home as well!
The 20 words in this bundle are:

- March
• shamrock
• wish
• napkin
• St. Patrick’s Day
• fork
• leprechaun
• spoon
• pot of gold
• plate
• spring
• lucky
• knife
• rainbow
• clean table
• potato
• cup
• green
• place setting
• pinch

I have two different file folder games included in the bundle.  1 version is matching pictures to pictures.  The second file folder game is a little tougher, matching pictures to sight words! This makes for super easy differentiation within your classroom!
I include 3 different versions of flash cards in this bundle.  Included are picture vocabulary cards, picture/text vocabulary cards and text vocabulary cards.  Again, this makes it SUPER simple to challenge the students based on the level they are at!
 My favorite activities that I use throughout the month are BINGO and COLORING PAGE!!!!
In this unit I created a worksheet to challenge students to label the place setting.  I also created vocabulary matching worksheets to allow for independent practice!

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