April Vocabulary Unit!


april fools! Okay.. sorry… I had to do that :)  On to the real stuff, today I am sharing my next monthly vocabulary unit… APRIL! This month we are focusing on Easter, "april showers," and the cycle of a butterfly! Read on to see whats included!
So what's included in this 77 page bundle!? For starters, I always include a "refrigerator" copy of the vocal list.  I send this home in the beginning of the month and ask parents to post it somewhere at home for the students to review in their free time… hence the "refrigerator" copy! In this bundle there is a black and white version as well as the color version.

There are 3 vocabulary cards included.  The first level is the "picture" version.
 The second version is the picture/text version.
 The third version is the text version.
In this bundle, there are 2 file folder games at 2 different levels.  The first is matching picture to picture. The second is a little more challenging… matching picture to text! (see below)

My favorite activity that is included in this bundle is the BINGO.  I have 20 student playing cards as well as BINGO calling cards.  This is the best way to fill "dead" time or manage students in a "crisis." By saying crisis I simply mean something like….. Student "A" is tantruming in an aggressive manner so TA 1 and TA 2 stay in the room to manage the escalating behavior while I and TA 3 take the other 8 students out to the lunch tables for some "outdoor fun!"  I always keep the monthly bingo stored in a ready to go bin that I can pull out in an emergency.  BINGO is a huge hit in my class and easy to manage with only one adult!
This bundle includes a few worksheets in both b/w and color! There are three versions to the worksheet below.

Lastly, included in every vocabulary unit is a coloring book.  Each half page has a vocabulary word.  You can save this for free time, use for fine motor strengthening or send home! Either way it's great and a fun way to build vocabulary!
LUCKY YOU! No April Fools joke here…. I included a free "life cycle of a butterfly" worksheet and a life cycle short story.

You can purchase the April Vocabulary Unit by clicking HERE!!!!!!!!

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