Monday Motivator- A Little Hiatus!

Okay, so I'm back! I took a little hiatus from my "Room 83" world and I don't regret it!  Life just gets SO busy that I had to step back and put my blog on the back burner.  Wedding planning, graduate school, planning a big move, working full time in addition to my social life was just TOO much! I saw this quote a few weeks back on Pinterest and LOVED it.  And you know what I said… YOU ARE RIGHT PINTEREST! I made an appointment for a massage the next day and am trying to do a little better of a job balancing everything.

And of course… with sick family members and hard times right now, this quote meant a lot.

I'm happy to be back :) Be sure to come back this week for some great blog posts!!!

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  1. You are doing a wonderful job balancing everything! =)
    Have a great week!