What is Matthew Doing? Adapted Book for Students with Special Needs

Ah ha! Here is my new adapted book!  This is a fun one… I used my brother as a real life model! I needed to create some materials to re-enforce some of my vocational and life-skill lessons within my classroom.  This book helps identify different common household chores. Here is a preview to my newest product!


This book is my favorite so far!!!!  I created a stationary sentence strip that can be binded or attached to the books back cover.  I also provided a blank PECs grid that can be attached to the back page.  With these two pages added to the back page, students can manage all the materials on their own in an easy to use systematic approach!

Here is a little video showing you how to use the book in your classroom!

Here are all of the pages included:

Feeding the Dog

Washing the Dishes

Cleaning the Table

Putting things Away

Cleaning the Bathroom

Loading the Dishwasher


Washing the Windows

Setting the Table


Folding Laundry


Taking out the Trash



Making the Bed

Here is a zoomed in picture of all the board maker chores that match the real pictures

Lastly, here is a zoomed in picture of the stationary sentence strip for this book!

This book is for sale in my teachers pay teachers store.  You can buy it HERE.


  1. Matthew is adorable! He should be nicknamed Papacito!!

  2. This book looks great. You should definitely contact a major publisher and spread the word about it. I love how it takes all of the activities like laundry and cleaning and turns it into teachable moments.