Summer Series- PECS communication

Day 10!- PECS Book time.  I am sharing a post about one of my best selling products.  Please, keep in mind that this PECS book is for a student who has already started with a basic PECS book and is ready for an unlimited vocabulary.  A book of this size would be too large for a student who is just beginning to learn that pictures have meaning.  I plan to make beginner levels in the future (if I ever finish this wedding of mine… LOL!)

In this book there are 5 color option cover’s. The book has a title page that can be used for quick reference.   

This book has over 500 Boardmaker PECS organized into 27 pages total! Each page has a visual tab so that it is easy to flip through the book.  (If you don't want tabs... you can just chop them all off!)  

Using Boardmaker images, this book is a great introductory PECS tools that can be used in any classroom or home.  Here are all the pages to the PECS book:

This product comes with 2 different book variations, both with the same set-up and PECS icons.  The first version of the book (shown above) is the PECS book that can be printed and laminated with printed PECS pages. 

The second PECS Communication book is a PECS book that can be assembled with velcro’d PECS.  The page grids are the same as the above book, but the PECS can be printed, cut, laminated and assembled for the pull apart version!

Here are a few Pictures of the pull apart PECS page option.  The PECS can all be pulled off and placed onto a sentence frame, handed to a person or however you choose to implement PECS in your own home program.

A little trick I use in my classroom is rulers! I use good ol' fashion wooden rulers as sentence frames.  Rather than buy those expensive plastic PEC sentence frames online, why not use a 50 cent ruler!  Using rulers with this PECS Communication Book is a great tool!

Both books come with the bundle on TpT!  This means you can easily adapt over the years for various kiddo's and their needs! (As we know, some kids would benefit from one book while the other would benefit from the opposite!)

Here are two video's for you :)

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  1. Do you have an example of a PECS book you would use with a student just learning how to use one?