September Idea's!

The first day of school is right around the corner for me.  With that being said, I went through all of my september files today and pulled out a bunch of goodies!  I design my crafts and fun activities around my September Vocabulary Unit.  I use these words to build functional vocabulary for my students.

The words included are:
• slide
• desk
• scissors
• glue
• bus
• student
• crayon
• friends
• markers
• swings
• book
• computer
• pencil
• teacher
• apple
• backpack
• school
• globe
• ruler

Here are some flash cards that are included in the bundle.  These flashcards are for your beginning level readers.  The pictures are much larger than the text.

The second level of flashcards has large text and a small picture.  This is for your middle level readers!

The last level of the flashcards is for your highest level of readers.  The flashcards are only text and are not accompanied by any readers.

I have two file folder activities included in this vocabulary unit.  The first level is for your lower level students and includes picture to picture matching.

The second level file folder game is matching the picture to the text.  This is a great activity that can be implemented in TEACCH Task boxes or can be used during reading centers.

One of my favorite parts of this unit is BINGO.  I have 20 bingo cards that can be used for reading instruction.  My students love playing bingo.  We typically play BINGO friday mornings.  Occasionally, my students will request to play on other days.  I can sometimes use this BINGO as a reinforcer for them to complete their work before playing BINGO.  I like BINGO because it incorporates SO many skills.  While they are building on vocabulary, they are also working on communication, rule following, turn taking, social skills and having fun!

This unit includes different worksheets that require the students to match the picture to the sight word.  I use this will all students.  I will hold up a flashcard that shows the picture/word for my lower students and have them find it on their paper.  My higher students are able to complete these worksheets independently.  I typically send a second copy home for homework for extra practice!

In this bundle a coloring book is included.  Last year I used this to fill in free time.  However, this year I plan to use it during fine motor time.  I have a class with an overall "lower skill" level that will need daily practice with this simple skill.  This will be a great addition to our fine motor center!

Lastly, included is a spelling test sheet and an ABC order worksheet!

You can buy this unit HERE in my Teacher's Pay teachers Store.

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