October Activities!

Oh goodness, tomorrow is ALREADY October! September flew by, and here I am prepping for the month change in ONE day.  EEEEK, I will be working late tonight to "transform" all of our goodies from September to October for tomorrow when my students walk in!  I wanted to share with you some old blog posts/ideas that will be great for you in October! Click on each picture below to read MORE!

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Monday Motivator!

I guess, we as teachers, have a pretty big role to fill!  Let's do our best to make a difference in the next generation!


It's FALL….So Let's Learn About The Seasons!

Calendar skills are a big part of our day… and with that we have been learning about seasons this week.  As we all know, summer is "finished" and now it is fall! My students struggle with this concept so we have watched a lot of you tube clips explaining the seasons as well as we completed this cute craft!!!!

How To Start Off On The Right Foot!

There is SO much work that goes into setting up a special education classroom before anyone even steps foot inside the classroom.  It is imperative that each and every single item is in place to allow for a smooth, stress free and successful day!  Here are some tips to help you have a successful day!

Individualized Working Card

So seriously, at the end of the day, I think my biggest motto is, "whatever works."  We use everything for reinforcers in our class: air conditioners, straws, tape, paper, laying on the grass, no shoes etc.  What I love about positive reinforcement is the creativity we, as teachers, put into making these preferred objects/ activities work within the classroom environment!


Sensory Toys Make Us Happy!

So we all know that the reason we go to school is to learn. Well, without a good sensory balance within our workday, we know learning can't take place!

Monday Motivator- Keep Calm

love. LOVE. love


September Cooking Visuals!

I do have a GREAT freebie today for you :) Click on the image below!
This is a 7 page picture recipe book for making apple smiles! Perfect for September :)

Happy Friday!



Okay, so I caught myself saying "be quiet" or "too loud" about a million times yesterday.  I kid you not, I probably said it over 100 times.  I went home last night and literally laid in bed thinking… how am I going to make this work for the next two years?  For some reason, I never considered making an individualized visual for him.  I am guilty of my biggest pet peeve.  GUILTY.  He is new to my class this year and brilliant.  He is years above my students cognitively and I wrongfully assumed that because he was so smart he wouldn't need behavioral supports.  WRONG! Any who  I'm happy to report that with just one day of using the support, the sound levels went down DRASTICALLY!


September Apples!

With peanut butter you get jelly, with green eggs you get ham, and with September you get APPLES!  Yes, apples upon apples.  I wanted to share with you two of the crafts we have done so far this year.  While they are fun arts and crafts, they still serve an academic purpose!


Monday Motivator- An Inspiring Daddy!

OMG, this movie trailer is awesome.  My heart aches for this dad, he truly is a hero!


Learning CRITICAL personal information!

Okay, so let's face it, it's only natural that we learn our name, age, birthday, phone number and address.  It's only expected and ASSUMED that all kids learn this information naturally.  If only it were this easy for our kiddo's!  These are facts we must teach our kids to know, utilize and put to use.  It is something that is so crucial for kids for when they age and go into the community.  I decided to create interactive "about me" books that can be used to practice such skills.  


The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

The last two weeks have been so much fun! The first week of school is always more fun then work!  We did a lot of fun activities with The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  We read it every day in different situations so that my students could master the comprehension!  I love these comprehension questions with visual multiple choice answers because they allow my students to fully participate in the comprehension activities!  You can buy them in my book bundle!


Sensory Bottles

Today we had a lot of fun! We made some sensory bottles!  I always see these on Pinterest and think how great they would be for my class.. yet I never actually make them! Let me tell you… take the five minutes and MAKE THEM! Your students/children will love them :)

Here are some pictures of before shaken and after shaken!

Monday Motivator



September Idea's!- Pinterest/Video's/Curriculum

It's September, school has started and what are we supposed to do!? This blog post is a huge HODGE PODGE of things that may be able to help you with your September planning!!!  I REALLY want you all to follow my September Pinterest board.  Click BELOW.  I pin several cute crafts in this board that I find from others on Pinterest.  I swear I steal all my craft ideas from others!


First Day/Week of School You Tube Videos!

Okay, I have a new obsession! Using YouTube to show social stories and show read-alouds through my projector!  My kids respond absolutely POSITIVELY to these video's! Here are some great free video's I found on YouTube that introduce the start of the school year perfectly for our students!  Click on each image to find the video on YouTube!

Franklin Goes To School

Daily Visual Schedule- Binder Edition

Yes, folks… you read that right! I have a new visual schedule format for some of my kiddo's this year!  I have SEVEN returning students this year.  Of these seven, five are very independent with transitioning and checking their schedule.  I wanted to start getting them ready for middle school (EEEK.. sometimes I forget my babies go to middle school when they leave me!) by creating a binder for them to build a sense of responsibility!

They are responsible for taking it out, carrying it where it needs to go and putting it away in their desk!


First Day of School Parent Packet!

The first day of school for my students is this Thursday! I have ONE more day to get everything in tip top shape for my students and their families.  The excitement of the first day of school is starting to build up and I CAN'T wait to start this next year.  With that said, I thought it was important to discuss the first day of school packet that I send home every year.  


Monday Motivator- A Tear Jerker

I challenge teachers to read this letter before the start of the school year.  The mom of a victim from Sandy Hook wrote this powerful letter, and it changed my perspective on "back to school" as a teacher.  Let's remember to have courage, faith and love as we being this new school year.  Our students need us!

Read her letter HERE