Daily Visual Schedule- Binder Edition

Yes, folks… you read that right! I have a new visual schedule format for some of my kiddo's this year!  I have SEVEN returning students this year.  Of these seven, five are very independent with transitioning and checking their schedule.  I wanted to start getting them ready for middle school (EEEK.. sometimes I forget my babies go to middle school when they leave me!) by creating a binder for them to build a sense of responsibility!

They are responsible for taking it out, carrying it where it needs to go and putting it away in their desk!

I bought cheap three ring binders online at Amazon.com!  I was sure to get the kind with the clear sleeve on top so that we can customize the binders from year to year.  There are so many things you can do!  You can have your students decorate it themselves, or you can create the covers yourself.  I created individual covers for each kid based on their likes!  I included favorite foods, characters and toys!

Simliar to the typical wall visual schedules, I am differentiating my binder daily schedules.  I am using text versions as well as picture/text versions!  See below for samples!


Here are the steps to checking their schedule:
Model for students using the main schedule posted in front:

Then prompt students to check their individual schedule.  Students are to take the top visual picture and place it in on the "what time is it?" strip.  When the activity is completed, the students can flip the page in their ponder and place it on the finished page for easy storage!


 Similar to my last method of storage, I use the jewelry organizer from Michaels to store all of my visual schedule pieces!

Interested in implementing wall visual schedules? Read MORE by clicking on the image below!

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